For whatever reason, I've always heard music in my head. It's like my brain is tuned to a radio frequency that gives me access to an infinite flow of songs. My job is to translate them, write them down, and play them for people. It's an awesome job.

My authentic self comes through the most clearly when I'm playing guitar and singing. I consider myself lucky to get the opportunity to share that part of myself with new people every time I perform.

I was born and currently live in Syracuse, New York. However, in my 25 years of life, I've also lived in London, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Woodstock, Oregon, and Kansas. Moving around so much during the college and pandemic years helped me develop into the creator I've become. I'm grateful to be where I am now.

I don't know what the future holds, but I try to step into each new day with courage. It's fun! Life is for creating!
recorded on a cross-country road trip of America

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