Life is movement. The world is in a constant state of change, and these days you can really feel it. I'm a songwriter doing my part.

This year, my partner Emma Bea and I took our 2011 Honda CRV, Kirby, on a self-styled tour/exploration of America. We house-sat for a few months in Woodstock, NY, then six weeks in Bend, Oregon, and then ten weeks in Lawrence, Kansas. Now, we’re back in Syracuse, finally ready to embark on the new adventure of building a home and staying in one place for a while.

I recorded an album DIY-style on the road, and I’m excited to finish it up and release it soon. I also can’t wait to start playing shows around the area I grew up again—only this time as a more creative, more confident, much more experienced version of myself.

Both of us love being alive, exploring, and sharing love and music with the people we meet on our path. We never know what's coming next, but we both try to step into each new day with courage. It's fun!