30 Mar

So, Emma Bea & I started the year out in Woodstock, NY, house-sitting the same place as last winter, and it was wonderful. Got to hang with Squeaky and Pippin some more, deepen our roots and relationships in that community which has become a second (third? fourth? CNY, NYC, London, Nashville, etc... who can keep track?) home at this point, and just generally continue to grow. No traumatic back injuries for either of us this time, which was great. It also provided me the time and space to finally build this website, and get the wheels rolling on the experimental, exploratory tour of 2023 known as... uhhh... Tour 2023?

Now, we're just about ready to get the wheels on our car, Kirby, literally rolling across the country. We're leaving fOregon tomorrow morning, which I guess is pretty exciting, but we've both been so caught up in the stress of being present preparing for the trip that the excitement of actually doing it has been kind of relegated to the back-burner. But that's all about to change, right? I guess we'll see.

We'll be in Bend, Oregon from April 6 (Pink Moon!) through May 21, and then in Kansas City, Kansas (not Missouri! wrong place!) from May 25 through July 25. I intend to do some recording and get these new songs finally out as an album. It's been a process, figuring out how to do it DIY-style while simultaneously healing old habits and wounds blocking what I know I can do... it just takes time. Time takes time. Thanks, Ringo. And Bob Halligan. I also intend to keep playing shows and keeping the tour rolling along with the pace of Kirby's wheels -- but you can only tour an unrecorded album for so long. Lol. 

Anyway, if you're reading this, thank you. If you're supporting the tour in thoughts, actions, or sneezes blowing us along, thank you. The road is open, uncertain, exciting, electric, all that and more... and we're only just getting started. Stay tuned! Keep being you! Life is for creating.

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